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Disposable Ghope face masks are great for a daily uses like an airport travel, public transportation, social distancing, cleaning, grocery shopping


Soft, thin, comfortable ear bands prevent headaches when wearing for long periods of time
Convenient One-Size-Fits
All styling safeguards everyone—perfect for families, office & warehouse workers & more


Large lot of 50 individual safety masks lasts the life of any project
Safe, affordable & super versatile for city streets, malls, parks, cycling, sports, stores, schools, works & More


Stretchy design offers easy adjustment
Full coverage of Chin/ Mouth/ Nose & exceptional comfort
Interior wire creates a strong seal around nose
Helping to create a tight seal & stop glasses from fogging
Non-woven fabric is breathable & soft on skin


Eco-Conscious design incorporates durable, economically viable materials for everyday use & convenient disposal
Block pollutants, filter Out construction dust & prevent harmful fumes from entering nose & mouth without the green guilt!


Once you order, the package will ship in Virginia, US.

Why Ghope?

Stay comfortable and healthy by wearing the Ghope disposable face mask. 
The 3-ply non-woven fabric is fluid-resistant and effective in helping filter out pollen, virus droplets, and household dust. Easy-fit design features an adjustable nose piece and soft ear loops that provide a comfortable wearing experience. The V-cut shape allows for the best fit on all face sizes. 

Made in China vs Ghope Face Mask
Made in China
Ghope Face Mask

What is different?

What is different?

The mask is thicker and softer. At the same time, it feels better than the previous version and covers the full face completely, blocking more from external pollutions with fluid-resistant. Overall, the mask cares about the fabric finishing does not tear and does not feel uncomfortable or stuffy even if you wear it all day long.


Weight 52 oz
Dimensions 21 × 21.5 × 33.5 in